Does Mosque At Ground Zero Mean Sharia Law Is Next?

Does Mosque At Ground Zero Mosque Mean Sharia Law Is Next?
Amid the controversy about the proposed mosque at ground zero in New York near the site of the World Trade Center devastation, Americans are once again pondering the question: Is Islam a religion of peace? Their Moslem holy book called Quran, Koran, Qur’ān, Coran or al-Qur’ān provides guidelines for on how Sharia Law should be practiced and followed.  Introduction (or reintroduction) of Sharia is a longstanding goal for Islam believers in Muslim countries. Some Muslim minorities in Asia (e.g. India) have attained institutional recognition of Sharia Law to adjudicate their personal and community affairs.

Has Sharia Law come to the United States?
Did you see the shocking headline: “New Jersey Judge Rules Islamic Sharia Law Trumps U.S. Law” ? At the federal level especially, we have a legislative process that is difficult to navigate. So, it’s not easy to get laws changed in this country. Judges are not supposed to legislate. They’re supposed to in interpret the federal, state and local laws in this country. Sharia law as explained in the Quran should not be part of the judicial equation. Do you find this article shocking?

You might find this video about Sharia Law even more disturbing

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  1. Sandra Noble says:

    Does Ahmadinejad know about Transference: the unconscious redirection from one person to another. Muslims attack, we’re guilty? More rational Muslim thinking.,,


  2. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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